CFAO Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania

Today 6 apprentice boys of CMMl Nazareth Vocational Training Center (Christian Missions in Many Lands) started a 6 weeks practical training at CFAO, the leading Automotive Business in the country, importing Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Suzuki.

Our Vocational Training Center is located inMbesa, a very remote little village only 50 km north of the border to Mozambique. Due to the location we do not have the opportunity to service modern cars and as a result our apprentice boys have difficulties to become familiar with an up to date car service.

This has changed completely since CFAO has offered us a practical training courses for our apprentice boys. So today another group could start this training.

We are very grateful, that CFAO assists us wherever they can and that they offer young people such a great oppurtunity.

In particular we would like to thank the Management and the staff of CFAO for the kind reception and all their assistance.