„Nazarethis“ in Dar Es Salaam

CFAO is the leading importer of cars in Tansania and they are not just importing cars !

Working with the leading car manufacturer in Europe and Asia they  also offer the mechanical service and run a few garages in Tanzania.

It is already a few month ago, that I bumped into the German Manager. Finally he offered a tour of the Garage for some of our students.

So they came up to Dar Es Salaam with their teachers and for some of them it has been their  first visit to Dar and they never seen such a well organized Service Center before.

One of the supervisors in charge of training and education received us this morning and the „Nazarethis“  were introduced to modern cars and computerized diagnosis systems.

I believe it was a was very impressive visit for them and I hope that they learned a lot for their future.

Again I would like to thank CFAO for all their support.